Make The Move-In Easy

Nothing is worse than closing the deal on your dream home only to have things go horribly wrong during your move-in. So we’ve compiled a list of common problems people face during the big move and tips on how to avoid them.

Closing Delay

Unexpected delays are all too common in the real estate world. While the deal may be done problems can easily occur in the closing process that can set you back hours or days. It’s best to build in a safety net of a day or two after closing before you schedule your movers. And if you plan to do a little updating to your new home, now is the time to do it before it’s filled to the brim with boxes and furniture.

Remember Utilities

No one wants to move in without air conditioning, especially here in Texas. Make sure you have called your electric, cable, phone, and internet providers at least one to two weeks before your move-in date to ensure ample time for everything to get set up.

Packing It All Up

Packing up an entire house makes you realize just how much stuff you have. This is the perfect opportunity go through just about everything you own and ask yourself if it’s worth keeping. You’ll feel a huge sense of relief seeing a growing “get rid of ” pile and knowing you won’t have to stick all of those things away in drawers and under beds only to be seen at the next move. When it comes to the actual packing process, stock up on newspaper and try asking around at grocery stores, wholesale stores, and electronic stores for extra boxes to avoid having to buy your own. Be sure to label every box, big or small, to make unpacking less of a mystery. And don’t trust those burly movers with that antique vase; for fragile items pack them carefully and transport them yourself.  

Unpacking Pains

The sweet relief you’ll feel after finishing packing will be short-lived once you realize now you have to turn around and unpack. To ease that process, get the room dimensions of your home beforehand so you can have a solid idea of where everything will go. You’ll love that sparkling new house even more if it’s literally sparkling, so be sure and clean it thoroughly before the unpacking gets underway. Also create a moving day emergency kit with extra clothes, personal items, tools, garbage bags, sheets, and anything else you can’t live without for a day or two, because moving is a long process and trying to find the one thing you need in a sea of boxes is always impossible.


Chances are you and the seller will both have so many other things going on that the simple exchanging of the garage door opener might not happen. So make sure to communicate with the seller and get any necessary remotes, manuals, and warranties for the various systems in the home.

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