Finding The Perfect Neighborhood

1. Ask The Pros 

Nobody knows more about a neighborhood than the current residents! The Austin forum at is frequented by many local “experts” ready to answer your questions. Because online forums can be anonymous you are sure to get an honest answer about any inquiry you have.

A Lifestyle Fit

Check out the local amenities in the neighborhood you are interested in and see if it works out with your day to day routine.

Are there restaurants, stores and other services that you enjoy close by? If you use public transit check to see if there are bus stops within close range. Do you commute to work? Is the neighborhood near a freeway so you can get on the road in a reasonable amount of time? Do you like to take walks or jog close to home? Is this a good area for those activities?

Take the time to analyze the area and imagine yourself living there. If you can easily envision yourself enjoying being a resident of the neighborhood then it will most likely be a good fit!

The Safe Factor

There are several resources online you can check for neighborhood crime statistics such as or

You can also call or stop by the local police department and request the crime statistics. Crime reports are public record and should be made available to you upon request.

The Rules

If the home is part of a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) you will want to get a copy of the bylaws and study those carefully. Many HOAs have rules you would never even think of.

For example, the HOA might regulate the type of plants you can have in your yard, type of fencing you can put up, whether or not you can posts signs and specific rules regarding pets. If any of these rules are deal breakers for you then you will definitely need to continue your home search!

Visit Often

It is easy to fall in love with an area that you have only visited once and at a certain time of day. Try to visit the neighborhood multiple times and at different times of the day. Many issues can present themselves at night that might not be obvious during the day or vice versa.

It also doesn’t hurt to study the neighbor’s homes. If you do buy this home, then you will be living next to these people for the next several years. If they have barking dogs that are consistently barking every time you visit and this really bothers you then you might want to reconsider. If the neighbor’s yard is filled with junk and this annoys you, then imagine how you might feel dealing with it on a daily basis. These are small details that can be discovered on frequent visits.

Don’t Drive, Walk

Walk through the streets near the home and see how it feels. You will notice more things walking than just driving by. Do you feel comfortable in the area?

If you see some neighbors out and about you might ask them for their opinion of the neighborhood. You’d be surprised how candid people will be and this could really help you make your decision about the home and neighborhood that goes along with it!

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